My Total Eclipse Experience in the Totality Path (with comics)

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Yesterday was one memorable day.

The eclipse took place and the totality was located around mid-US.

I was lucky enough to be able to observe the whole nature magnificence in person.

It was still quite a distance from the totality path from where I live so I got up really early for the drive.
total eclipse 1-1

Knowing Nashville will likely be jammed with traffic, my game plan is to choose a small town to enjoy this moment.

I got ready with food (very important), water, and of course, the solar viewing glasses.
total eclipse comic 2-2

Oh, and must not forget the GPS.

I started driving at around 8 am and head on to that small town that's in the totality path of the eclipse.

On the way there, I saw lots of farms, stables, churches, some cows, other small towns, and things that are quite antique I didn't know it still exists.
It was very interesting to drive through these small towns that seem to still have the saloon or equivalent, reminds me one of my favorite computer game, the Railroad Tycoon. *my nerd moment*

Arriving at the destination, the McMinnville, I was about 3 hours away from the eclipse phase 1 so I sat in the McMinnville library and browse through some books to kill some time.

You'd laugh at my silliness.

All this time I was recording the vlog video, I thought the town was pronounced Mc "Minni" ville because I totally imagined an extra 'i' in there.

I'm such a hopeless dork.

I guess...that's what happens when you grow up close to Disney.

Apologies to the citizen of McMINNville.

As time goes by, I stood in the parking lot to observe the status of the eclipse.

It was pretty hot in the upper 90 degrees so I wish not to stand too long under the sun.

I never had an eclipse viewing experience before so each time I go out to look into the sun with the solar glasses, I get excited when I see the moon move closer towards the center.
total eclipse comic 3

Then I joined the eclipse viewing crowd at the Main Street, where the cops closed off the road for the viewers.

As we get closer To the total eclipse, you can start to observe some interesting phenomenon like pinhole effects, visible stars and people cheering like they are watching World Cups.

And at last, the total eclipse brought darkness upon us.

In the middle of the dark, we clearly witness the sun's disk has been covered by the moon.

I took off my solar glasses to view the total eclipse.

What's funny is that the buildings around us have their lights on so it makes it seems like we are in the night time, but it's still afternoon.

The whole experience was priceless.

I am so grateful and happy to witness this in person.

If you've missed this year's total eclipse in America, check out my eclipse vlog on YouTube.

FYI, the next one is in 2024.

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