Top 10 Cool Things to do in Warsaw

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Before I dive into my Chiang Mai life, let me highlight some of the best parts of my Varsovian lifestyle in Warsaw.

The city and people have treated me well.

I will miss Warsaw and hopefully return next year for my next around the world travel.

Here are some cool things to do in Warsaw I wish you get to try for your visit:

Hang out with the locals to submerge in the culture

I’m not sure how you like to travel, but as for me, I like to hang out with the locals and really experience what’s it like to live like a local.

Beautiful churches, famous sightseeing spots, and interesting foods are all great, but people within the culture will enhance your travel experience.

This time in Warsaw, not only I lived in an Airbnb with a Polish family, I also rented an apartment myself and had 2 other Polish flatmates who turn out to be travel loving women like me. We all had great chat, hang out at their family’s home, and share some interesting life stories together.

Throughout my stay, I met people from MeetUp groups, local events from Google Campus, and even from Regus office. It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from all these wonderful people I met in Warsaw.

Shop like a local at their farmer’s market

Among many other random produce mini shops and street vendors around town, the best place to get your fresh produce and vegetables are Hala Mirowska and BioBazar.

Both are interesting to browse around, both have awesome seasonal fresh produce & vegetables, both can give you wonderful local experience as Varsovian.

Grab some interesting souvenirs from local stores

Forget the touristy spot that has manufactured “I ♥ Warsaw” or “I ♥ Poland”, check out some of these interesting store for Polish goods, cosmetics, cool gadgets, and practical souvenirs.

Rossman or Hebe – Local chain drugstore with tons of health and beauty products. It’s quite interesting to browse around and see all the wonderful products at great price. If you are shopping for a souvenir for family and friends (for females in particular), you can find hand creams and cute beauty products made in Poland here.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen – Neat store with all sorts of interesting stuff. This is also a chain store that is available in some parts of Europe. They carry home goods, kitchen stuff, travel gadgets, art supplies, wrapping items, everyday items, and even some foods like tea, cookies, and spices here.

I restocked my Tumeric powder (cheap health insurance for the brain), cinnamon powder (great for oatmeals), Rooibos tea, and found interesting gifts for friends.

Picnic at their marvelous parks

Nothing like enjoying nature and eat delicious food at the same time. From a week of hard work of filming course videos, content writing, and responding to emails, I really appreciate some time offline and just be present. Warsaw’s got tons of wonderful parks where I can do just that.

The most recommended one is Łazienki Park I go there for Chopin live concert on Sundays and just walk around the park, lay out in the sun), Park Skaryszewski (this park is close to Google Campus coworking space, you can work and take break at the park), and Park at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (that’s where I normally go for after dinner walks).

One of my dreams is to picnic around the world.

Experience Warsaw from bird eye view

To see this beautiful city, you can go to the Palace of Culture and Science and pay a small entry fee to the top floor and see the whole city.
The view is great, especially in beautiful weather.

You can also check out my Sunset Aviation Ride over Warsaw for another extraordinary bird eye experience.

Check out their magnificent museums

The museums are very memorable to visit. I especially feel stunned at the Warsaw Uprising Museum because it’s incredibly well made and insightful.
I learned a lot, felt the heaviness of war, and amazed at Varsovian’s perseverance, they are amazingly strong people.

The museum is really big with lots of collections. You can read the English version and learn about the history of Warsaw.

Be amazed at their spectacular architecture

As I mentioned in my Living the Polish Life post, Warsaw has been bombed to almost its barebones after the war. A lot of things are severely damaged and ruined with very few buildings left standing.

But Varsovians are strong and tough people; since it’s all ruined, they start from scratch and rebuild the rubble with some of the most spectacular new architectures and landscapes.

Top recommended place to visit is University of Warsaw library’s rooftop garden. There’s lots of great views and a beautiful garden for you to enjoy, all for free. (Library requires ID card entry so it’s not advisable because the security doesn’t speak English and won’t let you in if you don’t have ID card).

Embrace the tranquility of their Churches

The church count in Warsaw is quite high. Every few blocks there’s a church and they are usually quite beautiful and unique.

I’m not into churches but I do enjoy viewing amazing architecture. If I pass by an interesting looking church, I’d gaze to view its beautiful architecture.

If you are into the cultural experience like religious buildings, churches can be on your agenda.

Stroll around the town to feel the history

Warsaw still has lots of post-war remains in town. You can spot old buildings here and there with some that still have Germans or post-war signs.

To experience the culture and feel the history, you can take some walking tours around town and submerge yourself in Warsaw.

Well that conclude my experience for Warsaw, next is Chiang Mai, the digital nomad hub.

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