Stunning Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

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If you haven’t been to Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, you are missing out some serious flower porn.

Ashikaga Flower Park showcase some of the most spectacular Wisteria flowers and is considered one of the top must-see attractions in Japan. If you are a nature lover, you definitely want to miss this place.

It all started with an ad I saw on Yamanote densha in Tokyo…
I quickly snapped a picture, thinking to figure it out later.
Ashikaga flower park in japan information

When I got back to my Airbnb apartment, I asked my host about it to see where is this gorgeous place and learn it’s somewhere not easily reached so I was a bit bummed out, thinking “Okay, maybe next time…”

And when my host asked me if I want to go at the last week before I depart Tokyo, I glow like a little girl with sparkles in my eye “Hontoni~~~?” (“Really?” in Japanese)
Hell yeah of course I said yes. And that was my first road trip in Japan.
In the past, I usually took shinkansen, bus, or just densha, so I am very happy to have the opportunity to share a ride with a local.

Roads in Japan are smooth and simple, the host drove for only about 1.5 hours from Tokyo to Ashigaka Flower Park, and I am the healthy snack ambassador for our road trip.
Ashikaga flower park in japan road trip

Ashikaga Flower Park is located in Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture, which is the Northern Central part of Tokyo. Here’re the steps to get there by public transportation:
1. Catch Minami-Kurihashi train from Oshiage Station (Tokyo Skytree).
2. Go towards Kitasenju Station, switch to Tobu Limited Express Ryomo.
3. After 27 stations, get off at Ashikagashi Station.
4. At the Ashikagashi Station, it’ll take about 30-minute bus ride to get to the Ashikaga Flower Park.

Ashikaga Flower Park
〒329-4216 Tochigi Prefecture, Ashikaga, Japan
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-18:00
Cost varies upon season, you can check out the price on their English Website.

Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria flower park

Known to have the largest Wisteria in Japan that’s been around since 1870’s, Ashikaga Flower Park in quite big as it covers over 1,990 square meters as of May 2008 and there are lots and lots of different flowers in various creative presentations.
Ashikaga flower park in japan flowers

The best season to visit the park is around May when it is in full bloom. There are a lot of tourist in this park, it’s best to go early in the morning when they open because it will get pretty warm during the day. Wisteria flowers is the main attractions of Ashikaga flower Park and it is a very beautiful floral ornament in various colors of white, violet, and pink.
This park collects all the colors along with many other beautiful flowers.
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria park tourist

The most magnificent Wisteria tree, around 70% bloom. Just imagine if you come at full bloom…
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria tree

Nature’s violet treasure, priceless.
Ashikaga flower park in japan purple wisteria tree

Wisteria also comes in pink color. Very beautiful!
Ashikaga flower park in japan pink wisteria tree

Carefully designed garden with lots of photogenic spots.
Ashikaga flower park in japan river

Ashikaga Flower Park also offers nursery plants and flowers at very affordable price.
Ashikaga flower park in japan flowers for sale

And of course, knowing Japanese, they amp out their main brand into lots of many products.
I just had to try the Wisteria ice cream, taste very different and delicious, very much recommended!:)
They also have Wisteria soba noodles, which I didn’t get a chance to try…
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria flavored food

Wisteria cake, Wisteria cookies, Wisteria pickles, Wisteria fish cakes, Wisteria towels, Wisteria soap, Wisteria room fragrance, Wisteria bath bombs, Wisteria chopsticks…EVERYTHING Wisteria.
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria gifts

Making of Wisteria dessert cake was quite interesting to watch too.
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria cake factory

I never saw so many flowers in my life. It took us about 3.5 hours to finish the park with an insane amount of flower photos.
I literally feel like I can still see the flowers when I close my eyes before bed. Yeah, the after effects were quite strong.
So if you ever visit Japan during springtime, make sure you visit Ashikaga Flower Park to try their Wisteria ice cream and submerge in the nature wonder of Wisteria flowers. It’s a very romantic scenic spot great for flower lovers and couples:)
Ashikaga flower park in japan wisteria flowers nomad vivien

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