My Mother Evacuated with Her Papaya (of course)

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Hurricane Irma surely made a big impact in Florida, I hope all the Floridians who reads this post are safe and sound.

As for my family, we are all good.

My sister and I had my mother evacuated to northern states, where we reunited to dodge the hurricane bullet.

Monday September 4th, 2017

At first, my mother think nothing much about the hurricane and fuss how we are making a big deal.

"I'm gonna be fine~~"
"I'll just stay behind with my Church friends"
"Well if it's the biggest hurricane I get to experience it"

Are you for real Mrs. Chen??

We're talking about the biggest hurricane we've ever witness in the Atlantic and you, of all the melancholy dramatic people, want to actually sit there to experience this monster?

Tens of thousands of Floridians are evacuating their homes in cars and planes...mother, have you seen the news and look at that thing?
mother nature comic

(stubborn) Parents...*sigh*

Friday September 8th, 2017

Acting like overprotective parents who are trying to convince their child that the hurricane is dangerous, it wasn't until the end of the week my sister and I finally persuaded my mother to join us up in the north away from Florida.

I bought a ticket for my mother to depart Saturday evening around 5:30 pm on Wednesday because that was the only one available on Priceline at that time.

But as soon we learn the MCO airport will be shutting down after 5p, we all panicked and kept on searching for another flight.


Finally, my sister did manage to book a flight (at ridiculous price) that departs earlier in the morning of the same day.

The flight we've booked departs at 6 am.

Mrs. Chen must make it to the airport at least around 3 am.

Instructing her what to do and what to pack, we all bear some insomnia and stress until we are certain she step on the flight.

Saturday September 9th, 2017

The first thing I asked my sister when I woke up was: "Did mom make it on the flight?"

Sister said, "Yes, yes she did."

I let out a long sigh.

Thank I'll just need to deal with my own anxiety upon my mother's arrival.

Upon mother's arrival, we all dressed up for her and greeted her at the arrival zone at the airport.

Although she nags way too much and so pessimistic and demanding and so self-centered, we are still happy to see our mother arrives with...a friggin' luggage full of home grown produce.
hurrican and mom1

Yes, you heard me right.

My sweet Asian mother, literally packed her garden with her.

Let's see...

there's 3 bags of home grown garlic chive vegetables,

home grown papayas (3 large ones all over 5 lbs each),

like, a dozen of home grown sugar apples,

a whole basket of home-grown avocado,

home grown long bean curds

some meat

...and there's a huge frozen fish

This little Asian woman packed over 60 lbs of FOOD in her luggage and carry-on.

I bet if she have enough time, she'd bring a few free-range chickens, as she did last time and force me to pack.

You'd think...most people who evacuate their homes usually bring their valuables like family albums and photos.

No, not my mother.

She clearly has her own priorities.

Can you actually pack these on the flight??
I can only imagine the facial expression of the TSA who checked all these...

And we respect that and rejoice the reunion with quite a feast.

She's the very reason we are who we are today and we are grateful of her.

Do you have a stubborn Tiger mother like us?

Embrace her, she's too entertaining jajaja

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