My $10 Airbnb Apartment in Tokyo Japan

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I can’t believe I scored a $10 a night Airbnb apartment.

You would think I’m joking, but I really got my apartment for around $10 USD a day.

$10!!! I could barely get that price in Bangkok!!

This spacious apartment is located in a very secluded neighborhood in Katsushika.
This area has everything from fresh produce, mom-and-pop restaurants, shrines, and interesting wildlife.
Airbnb apartment local neighborhood

The apartment is spacious, minimalistic, simple yet tasteful.
Airbnb Apartment in Tokyo living room

The guest room is quite big and my host has prepared some nice room fragrances, O.P.I. nail polishes, candies, cookies, champagnes, champagne glasses, touch lamps, heater, humidifier, a bunch of towels, Winnie the Pooh, lotions, and so much more. What’s best about his apartment is that it’s unbelievably big. I can do my yoga in an empty spare room free of distractions.
Airbnb Apartment in Tokyo guest room

Other amenities includes a high-tech toilet that automatically flips open the cover to greet you and dryer-washer-in-one laundry. There are shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs and Panasonic nano care hair dryer.
Needless to say, I enjoyed my bath every damn day.
Airbnb Apartment in Tokyo bathroom toilet room

Beautiful view from the balcony.
Airbnb Apartment in Tokyo window view

Aside from all these, my host treats me like a Princess. Almost every night, he’d prepared me some fruits and cut apples. Good gracious, I’ve been spoiled, standards raised, can’t go back now.

Seriously, just adopt me, PLEASE!!! (LOL)

So how do I score such a bargain here in Tokyo? Well, it really is luck.
I’ve searched for Airbnb about two months in advance, trying to look for somewhere I can stay without having to sell a kidney. It’s very hard to find cheap comfortable accommodations that are not jail-like dormitories or capsule hotels.

When you are trying to search for a nice accommodation in big cities like Tokyo, it’s best to search for outskirts from the city center. I know very well any major stations like Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Tokyo will be very expensive and small, so I searched along the Hokuso Line from Narita airport to Ueno station to reduce transfers. This way, I don’t need to commute that long to the airport and can still enjoy easy access to Ueno if I wanted to.

Check this Google map with the different colored boxes with green the more affordable cost, yellow as semi-affordable, and red as expensive areas.

As much as I wish to recommend you to book your stay here next time, unfortunately, I will be the last guest for my host because he is moving to a different town at the end of the month. So this is one of those miracle moments in life where you appreciate it happens to you, as I am extremely grateful for it.

Totally grateful hell yeah!
freedom in style nomad Vivien yoga

Next time you come to Tokyo, you can consider Takasago neighborhood for your stay, you will get to experience local life and feel very peaceful here.
airbnb apartment in tokyo keisei line

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