Kaohsiung Taiwan Nature Sightsee Tianliao Moon World

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My past weekend at TianLiao Moon World was quite pleasant.

The weather has gone from semi-cold to beautiful spring here in sunny Kaohsiung Taiwan this month.
The birds never stopped their chirps and the flowers never stopped show off their blooms, Kaohsiung is so pleasant to live in from glorious November to March, and that’s why I’m still here.

Past weekend we went to a remarkable park with a natural terrain so fascinating it’s hard to believe it’s in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

About the Tianliao Moon World Park

For all you natural lovers, you would very much enjoy this park’s unique landscape.
Almost like the movie, “The Martian“, Tianliao Moon World in Kaohsiung is famous for its badland terrain that looks like Moon surface. There are very little life and agriculture in this volcanic mudslide lands, and the surface looked bizarrely shaped with sharp edges and tough pinnacles.

There’s spectacular wildlife.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World wildlife

Beautiful old town with farms and rivers.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World view from mountain top

Interesting nature.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World terrain

Moon terrain alike landscape.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World mountain

This park has some very interesting and challenging wood trails along with observatory decks that allow visitors to capture some astounding view. Since it’s very much raw and wild, I recommend bring insect repellent and visit during the morning or mid afternoon to avoid mosquitos and overheat. The best month to visit this trail is November, December, and February, all other times might be too cold or too hot.

Climbing uphill.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World park trail

Mountain trails of the park.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World hiking trail

Map of the whole Moon World park.
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World park map

When you do hike the trail, it’s best to pack necessities as light and utilitarian as possible for the trail. Items I would include would be water, insect repellent, few snack bars, napkins, sunglasses, trash bags, smartphone, camera, and wallet. Wear suitable air-ventilating hiking apparel or workout clothes, comfortable sneakers, and possibly a hat. No need to bring too much food because there are lots of food vendor in the old town and within that district. There’s a restaurant just around the corner of Moon World park that serves traditional chicken cuisine, and there are lots of other food vendors that sells eateries like sausages, drinks, and fruits.

As for us, we had a mother on board so we didn’t hike, but we did enjoy the scenery and took photos.
Tianliao Moon World park is free admission with an information center that explains the history, geography, and terrain information, it’s usually very busy on the weekend so if you want to avoid the crowd, weekdays is the best.
The park is family-friendly, pet-friendly, and great for foreign travelers.


Tianliao Moon World park address is:
36 Yueqiu Rd, Chongde Village
Hours: 10am-5pm


To get to Tianliao Moon World, take the Kaohsiung Metro KMRT to Gangshan South MRT Station, then transfer to Red bus #70 大岡山假日觀光公車 towards Tianliao District and get off at the Moon World bus station. Don’t look at Google Map, it’s useless.


The bus cost around 30 NTD and is available 6 times a day from 8 am to 6 pm, with the last bus at 7:40 pm.The bus ride is about an hour, it’s best to go early morning for the 9:30 am bus and leave before 2:15p because the next bus after that will be around 6p.

If you have I-pass, which is the smart chip card, you can ride the bus for only $24 NTD and not have to worry about any change (My favorite way to live).

The easiest option is to use the taxi from Gangshan MRT station, which will cost about $15 – $18 USD one way (490 – 600 TWD).
If you have an international license, you can rent a car and drive there, which can save a lot of time but could be very challenging to find the roads since Tianliao City is an old town.

If you ever have the chance to visit Kaohsiung, Tianliao Moon World is definitely worth your time.

Want to learn more about Kaohsiung or perhaps try to live here and experience the culture yourself?
Check out this comprehensive guide I made that’ll save you time, money, and energy from researching to travel to Kaohsiung Taiwan.
Enjoy spectacular nature and everything the old town has to offer!
Kaoshiung Taiwan Tianliao Moon World freedom in style nomad vivien

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