Flower Paradise Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

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Aside from Ashikaga Flower Park, Hitachi Seaside Park is another flower paradise that will blow your mind.

Since it’s Spring season, might as well knock ourselves out with all the florals that are available while we are at it. After Ashikaga Flower Park and a brief sushi lunch, my host and I tackled another flower park on the same day. That’s how we roll.

The other flower park we went right after Ashikaga Flower Park is the Hitachi Seaside Park (Map), which is located in Hitachinaka City of Ibaraki Prefecture on the West side of Tokyo, all the way towards the Pacific coast.

To get to Hitachi Seaside Park:

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1. Take the JR Joban Line from Ueno Station. It’ll cost around ¥3,820 one way.
2. The train ride will take about 1.5 hours.
3. Get off at Katsuta Station.
4. From the station, it’s about 13-minute car ride to Hitachi Seaside Park. You may have to get a taxi to get there if you don’t drive, or, you can catch a local city train to Ajigaura Station and walk 20-minutes by foot to the park.

Hitachi Seaside Park is a huge park that combines both nature and amusement. There’s the Pleasure Garden section, BBQ area, and the Amusement Park section. In the Pleasure Garden section, there’s a massive area for the flowers and gardens that’s great for photography and nature loving people. The Amusement Park section features amusement park rides, roller coasters, labyrinth, Ferris wheel, and golf park that’s great for family and kids. If you enter from the Seabreeze Entrance Parking side, you can access to the BBQ area to enjoy your picnic.

My host and I just focused on the Pleasure Garden park and skipped all the amusement rides. The floral park area alone is fairly massive with lots to see, so it’s most recommended to wear comfortable shoes to prepare for a hectic amount of walking. There are other options of renting a bicycle from the park for a low cost of ¥400 for 3 hours or ride their Seaside Train for ¥500 per person for one round trip that cycles the entire park.

There are free Wi-Fi spots available all over the park and you can also enjoy some of the foods from the cafés and restaurants inside the park.

Hitachi Seaside Park features different types of flower all year round. You can check out their flower calendar to see what’s in season and check out some of the events that are available.
The entrance fee is ¥410, you can pay cash at the gate kiosk.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

Apparently this is a very popular park because there are lots of photographers, family, couples, newly weds, tourists, and digital nomad(s).
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan tourists

Everything will make great Instagram photos here.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan visitors

My visit was around the end of April and there was a variety of florals all over the park, blooming at its peak.
These are so gorgeous it almost seems fake!
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan large pink flowers

So many types of flowers in all sorts colors. If you love nature, you’ll definitely love the beautiful flowers all over the park.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan flower collections

My first time encountering the rare black tuplip (more like burgundy violet), so mysterious and elegant.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan black tulip

I call this the Valentine tulip fields because of the colors.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan tulip field

Incredible river of flowers.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan flower river

Here is a sea of dandy yellow rapeseed flower field, its bright colors pops out vividly next to it’s neighboring flowers.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan flower field

And this is the most spectacular part of the park…4.5 millions of Nemophila (baby’s blue eyes) on a hill.
When you reach the top of the hill, you get to see the marvelous wide-view of the Pacific ocean and the port. For romantic souls who are traveling with a partner, there’s a large bell on the top of the hill that is available for the visitors to ring and play, it symbolize best wishes for the loving relationship and this type of custom is fairly common in Japan in many temples, scenic spots, seasonal events, and tourist attractions.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan Nemophilia baby blue eyes hill

Fields and fields of baby’s blue eyes.
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan nemophilia baby blue eyes field

I really just want to go “weeeeee~~~~” and roll down the hill, but I’ll refrain my inner child:)
Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan Nemophilia baby blue eyes

Although Hitachi Seaside Park takes some time to commute, the view of the scenic spots is quite stunning and beautiful. If you are looking for a nice getaway from the city, you can consider Hitachi Seaside Park to enjoy the nature and some fun.

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