Nurture Your Inner Creativity

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Lately I’ve been I’ve been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be…

And lately I’ve been feeling EXACTLY THIS.


While we all try to maintain positive vibe and keep the momentum going, but life can go very south (literally) and things can twirl into the storm (hurricane Irma).

Just like the shingles on my parent’s house.

I’ll filing insurance claims and getting roof damage help from hurricane Irma, the process is long due to like, the whole Florida requesting claims.

With that, I want to share my latest finished project – Japanese food I had while I traveled to Hakodate.

Art and creation has always been my passion ever since childhood…and beautiful Japanese food is right up there too.

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve painted because I have focus problems.

Creating art is something I usually loose track of time.

Being able to create is a bliss.

Since I lost interest of the previous painting, I let it go, give it up and just smear white paint all over it.

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to move on from something or someone that does not work.

Having said that, (one of) my (many) new interest is food painting.

As I paint, I recall all the happy memories from my first solo travel in Japan.

I remember sipping the hot miso soup and smile with satisfaction as I chew the heavenly harmony of egg, tuna, fish roe blend in my mouth.

I recall that excitement of doing something for the first time.

Feeling that adventurous soul wanting to explore the foreign location and trying to figure things out.

I love to travel and explore yet I also miss creating art.

Staying put to recover after some travel is a must.

And that’s how I got started with this painting.

Since the actual image only has few dishes, I added a few more myself just because.

Yes…the best thing about being an artist is that you can draw anything you wish.


Perhaps I shall draw xiaolongbao next time, I love me some hot steamy pork buns with delicious soup too.

Now I’m hungry

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