Business Tools

There are multiple ways to make money online and live a location independent lifestyle the way you want it to be.
Whether you are amateur or has started your own business, you know how important it is to have the right mindset and the tools to build your online business. Below are all the resources & tools that I use and trust to build my business, I hope you’ll find them beneficial for you.

Build A Website

Blue Host

I have been with Blue Host for a while and I am confident to say Bluehost’s products, service, and overall experience is highly recommendable. Their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful, I seldom have problems with my website, but when I do, I was able to get it resolved promptly.


If you are starting out with a blog or website, NameCheap is a great place to buy domains.
I’ve bought numerous domains from them and host it on my Blue Host account. Their user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage your domains and hassle-free.

Designs & Photos

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
PicMonkey makes photo editing very simple and fun. There are numerous templates, text fonts, brushes, touch-up functions, editing tools, and even collage you can choose from to enhance your photos for your website. There is a free version and the paid version, the paid version allows more functionality and lots of useful tools to enhance your photos more attractive.

Video Editing Tools

Wondershare Filmora is one of my favorite video editing tools because it’s easy to use and very affordable. There’s many function included in the software but not overwhelming complicated and super expensive like Camtasia. It’s great for beginners without losing the good video effects, I highly recommend Youtubers and Vlogers this tool.


Tropical MBA – host Ian and Dan and their community of Dynamite Circles that connects location independent entrepreneurs all over the world.

Location Independent Influencers

These are the people I follow that has influenced my transition, mindset, and decide where the heck to live.

Legal Nomads
Jodi Ettenberg has been traveling for many years and has inspired many others to live a location independent lifestyle. I was very thrilled to listen to her speech in person at DCBKK and respect her for standing up for what she believes.

Nomadic Notes
James is a serial traveler and a location independent entrepreneur who’s been to numerous countries. His informative website is the mecca on travel guides and useful tips for digital nomads.

Freedom Lovin’
Kevin Koskella is a freedom-loving guy who has started an inspiring podcast on challenging people’s mindset on freedom. What I love about Kevin’s work is that he is giving fresh perspectives they’re completely out of the norm. Not only he provides great contents on his blog, he created a group of awesome Freedom Lovin’ Quest people on a Facebook group who is like-minded and inspiring.

Find Place to Live & Work Remotely

What most location independent entrepreneur love the most is the location independent lifestyle that it brings. With no obligation to stay in one place, we can pack our bags and go to the next Wi-Fi friendly destination.

Aside from Prague, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Saigon, and many other affordable places, one of my favorite city to live and work affordably and eat cheaply is Kaohsiung, Taiwan. You can get a comprehensive guide on how to live, work, and enjoy Kaohsiung Taiwan here:
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