Best Beach Hairstyle You Can DIY in Less than 10 min

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Living in Krabi, I have the opportunity to go to the beach almost every day.

Where I live is more localized but it does have it's tropical vibes.

I usually love to have a late afternoon walk to the beach in my bikini + beach cover-up. The sunset is absolutely gorgeous here in Krabi. 😍
beach hairstyle Krabi sunset

As for my hair style, I tend to do simple ones that are easy to create and isn't time-consuming.

*5 minutes and I'm out da door*
beach hairstyle

Here I share some tips on how to create the best beach hairstyle you can absolutely do it yourself.

Some products you may need:

bobby pins
hair bands
bun maker doughnut
flat iron
curling iron (optional)
hair spray
hair protection conditioner
beach hairstyle tools

Now let's make some magic happen.

Simple beach waves

Simple beach waves is so sexy and gives that care-free feel to the overall look.
beach hairstyle loose beach waves

With this type of hairstyle, you can use a curly iron...but ain't nobody got time for that. My patience is scarce so I hack it.

What I like to do is to braid my hair into multiple strands and sleep overnight with it.

In the morning, I'd unbraid the strands to unleash the beautiful wavy curls.

my morning face prior coffee
beach hairstyle overnight braids for curl
Use your finger to comb through the waves a bit to give it a more natural look.

It's important to protect your hair by spraying some hair conditioner/sun protection products. This hair conditioner spray is great because they condition your hair and protect your hair against saltwater, pool water, and the harmful UV rays from the sun.

After the conditioner spray, use a bit of hairspray to hold the hair locks + complete the look. This will help your beach waves last longer.

Large parted curls

Large parted curls are so sexy. I usually like to have this type of hairstyle when I'm wearing a dress...or a bikini 😉

Even a nerd like me will look instantly feminine, it works 😀 👍
beach hairstyle large curls

Large curls can hide the side of the face, making the face appear smaller and the eye focus on the eyes, nose, and lips.

I usually use my flat iron to create the curls and I like to wear some flowers on the side to enhance the look.
beach hairstyle curling hair with flat iron

Side pony tail

Side pony tails are so cute! They are great hairstyle that is easy to whip up for a lazy person like me and ideal style for beach or pool.

Comb your hair to the side, hold it with your hand, and use hair bands to tie the ponytail to the side.

I sometimes like to pull a strand of hair out of the ponytail, wrap it at the tie, and use bobby pins to hold it. This helps hide the hair band.
beach hairstyle side pony tail

Simple pony tail

Pony tail can never go out of style, even at the beach.

When making a ponytail, be sure to tie it on the top, where it's close to the crown of the head. This makes the look more youthful and fun as opposed to the low ponytail, which looks more dragged and plain.

Loosen up few strands of hair on top of the crown can create a more voluminous look.

Or you can make your ponytail the super tight, modern sleek look.

Tall bun

Tall buns are simple and they keep the hair off your neck + shoulder.
beach hairstyle tall bun hairstyle
Best to use a bun maker doughnut that can clasp together as oppose to the traditional no-opening bun (I don't even know how those works).

Braided pigtail

Braided pigtails is one of my favorites because the look is cute and it's easy to make.

It gives that 'girl-next-door' feel and is also a great hairstyle for beach or pool.
beach hairstyle braided pigtails

Hope you find these hairstyle ideas useful for your next trip to the beach or pool!

*stay stylish, enjoy life*
beach hairstyle straight hair

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