The Bangkok Meetup You Don’t Want To Miss

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Some said solo travel gets lonely but I’d say it’s matter of what you want for yourself.
Are you in the mood to meet new people or are you enjoying solitude?
While our dynamic spirit various with our thoughts, it’s important to let your needs be heard.

Various things comes up in mind when speaking of Bangkok.
Bangkok seems like a city that never sleeps, there are just so many things to do, see, eat and explore.
Whatever ideas comes in your mind pretty much defines what kind of traveler you are.

Bangkok sure has lots to offer, no doubt it was ranked to be one of the top travel destinations.
Elephants, Phad Thai, coconut, humid hot weather, Thai massage and so forth…what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

First time at Bangkok, I roam around myself without a plan so I only met other travelers from the hostel.
This time around, I’ve learned to use to find new friends in different interesting groups., in case you didn’t know, is a platform that collects variety of meetup groups with different interest.
Interests are very diverse…from outdoor hiking, tea ceremony, book reading, language learning, cultural exchange, Bitcoin, Entrpreneurs network, salsa dance and so much more. Meetup groups is a great way to search for people that shares similar interest like you, all across globe!

My interests is pretty diverse, and I like to meet new friends along with good food, especially with local experience.

This time at Bangkok, I’ve browsed around and found a couple that I’m interested in.
Given the time and schedule, I was only able to attend one, which I will recommend here because I had a great experience.

The Bangkok meetup group I recommend :

♥♥Bangkok Regular Cooking, Dining and Meeting Every Saturday in Bangkok♥♥
The closest station to the place is Ari BTS ,
you can check out their direction by clicking on the title and it’ll direct you to the Meetup page.

I’ve always enjoy trying out local foods, especially if they are home-cooked.
This meetup was hosted in a Guest house with a very sweet Thai host name Pencil.
bangkok vegetarian meetup jekky home

There was about 20 people that showed up to the meetup, with some of them who came later on in the evening.
The location of the Guest House is in a very local residential area, at the beginning I was a bit hesitate to walk there because although there’s a lot of houses, it was quite deserted, occasionally with some Thai men sitting on the side of the street. I was the only one walking so it made me stand out. I tend to be more on the cautious side when I travel, especially when I’m alone, so I had my bitchy resting face on with an assertive “DON’T EVEN” vibe out.

Anyways, it wasn’t that bad, the meetup time was around at 2 pm so we can all go to the local traditional markets to buy food and prepare the meal together. The point of the meetup is to participate in the meal preparation and learn the culture, food and meeting people.
bangkok vegetarian meetup traditional market

We get to try some special “house blend” herbal drink made with a type of blue flower created by the host.
bangkok vegetarian meetup group blue flower drink

Some people crush up the ingredients.
bangkok meetup grinding food

Some people cut up the vegetables.
bangkok meetup cutting vegetables

Some people peel the skins.
bangkok meetup preparing meal

I belong to the garlic peeling department♫
bangkok meetup peeling garlic

We all team up to diced tons of colorful vegetables, and the host show us how she cooks them.
bangkok meetup prepared food

Using very traditional stove, pretty cool.
bangkok meetup group cooking

There was lots of food, all vegetarian!
bangkok meetup group food

There is pretty spicy curry cooked with tempeh and vegetables, blue flower rice and stirred mix vegetables.
The curry was very spicy and insanely delicious.
bangkok vegetarian meetup group finished cooking

The group is very diverse and multi-cultural with people from all over the world ranging from France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Canada, America, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and local Thai.

We all had shared exciting travel stories, had great chat and enjoyed our food.
bangkok vegetarian meetup group

It was great to meet variety of people while solo traveling.
Next time you’re in Bangkok, let your wanderlust heart be adventurous, try this awesome Meetup and meet cool people.

p.s. I blur the face to protect privacy of people.

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