Life is like a fashion runway. You should look fabulous, walk with full confidence, and enjoy every moment till the end. @LiveFIS

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Hi, I'm Vivien.

I am a digital stylist who is passionate about living freedom life, in style.

I used to work in a 9-5 job I hate, always choose the 'safe path', always tries to please others, and never seek within my potentials.

Coming from a strict Asian family with high demands, I grew up with "I'm not good enough" mentality and suffered from deep depression in the past.

I got sick and tired of letting other people & circumstances control me, so I took action to change myself, starting with my style.

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From there, I created an image of who I want to be, work myself towards it, and established my own fashion brand. I presented in various fashion shows in Florida & New York and collected incredible life experiences.

By transforming my style & myself, I began to choose things outside of my comfort zone and take on bigger challenges.

Dress and Packing Tips For Female Travelers hakodate

Since then, I've been traveling solo, attending conferences around the world and invest heavily on things I believe in.

I've traveled several different countries and often share my experience and recommendations in the FIS blog. Travel has loosen me up so I often encourage people to travel & experience more. It was a lot of silly mistakes that allows me learn to look at things with different perspective.

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Your Life, Your Style

I am just a nerdy girl who is especially good at fashion design + styling (only thing I'm good at) and I'm here to share my (silly) stories with you.

Don't take life too seriously. The world is bigger than what was taught by our family and the school. Stay true to yourself and strive your life to live a Freedom Life, in Style.

All the naysayers can shut their front door.

Some Interesting Stuff About Me...

  • After trying numerous things, I think the only skills I have is pretty much fashion design.
  • If I stay in one place too long I'd get bored.
  • I can hermit at home more than normal human could stand.
  • I love detective stories and manga.
  • My family is kinda odd...
  • I am actually very nerdy.

Books Written By Me:

Solo Travel for Women

Have you always wanted to travel abroad but never made it happen? Do you often daydream about what it would be like to travel the world and experience life adventure? Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel but life gets in the way and you don’t have enough courage to take action.

We all had a dream in us one point in our life, but as time goes, life kept challenging us and we put it off until we realize it’s too late. Don’t let the barriers get in the way to pursue what you really want. You are greater than you think; you deserve happiness and all the marvelous things in life.

Solo travel for women 3D book

Airbnb Hosting Success

Do you have an extra space, sofa, guest room, or maybe even a tent? You could probably make some extra money with it! If you are looking for some extra income, look no further, Airbnb has been the #1 shared economy platform that has helped many people around the world to rent out their space for extra income, some even quite their job from all the money they make!

This guidebook includes all the best tips collected from Airbnb's Super Host and lots of insightful information to help you get started right.

Airbnb Hosting Success 3D cover

Solo Travel for Women

Delicious food, modern convenience, affordable price, and passionate people, Kaohsiung is one fine Mega City in the heart of Asia with great potential to be the next trendy travel destination waiting for you to visit.

Having firsthand experience and learning from the locals, Vivien uncovers all the wonderful hidden gems in Kaohsiung and gives you the valuable tips and tools so that you can get the most out of your trip.

Locals Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan 3D book

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