Travel Gears

Packing is an art for the travelers since there are many factors to consider, especially for the women. I learned from my sweat & tears experience to really grasp that nirvana state of light travel. Too much possession means too much burden.
I learned a lot through my past travels, and acquired the skills of packing, styling, and stay comfortable as I go. Below are the products I use and has helped my travel smarter and better.


Travel Gears Microsoft Sr

travel gears silicon inflatable water bottleMy ultimate travel companion. I use it as tablet and laptop alternatively. I love that it only weighs 1.8 lbs. I often use it to do Youtube yoga, work, email, watch videos, write notes, Skype, and sometimes draw. Read my review on Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet
This is my favorite tablet to use for reading. The battery life is long, the size is perfect, the resolution is impeccable, and the weight is a godsend for any frequent traveler. I was able to read a lot more blogs and books thanks to it. It’s a must-have for productivity.


I took all of the pictures in the blog. After switching several cameras, I landed on this one. It serves well, takes quality photos, high-resolution, easy to use, and even has a Wi-Fi function. Unless there is a lighter, slimmer version of this, I’ll stick with this one for a while.

SailsON noise canceling earbuds with microphone

I had 3 Apple earphones in the past and they all broke on me so I decide to give this a try. This ear bud turns out better than I thought. The sound quality is great and I often listen to audiobooks on-the-go.

Things to Keep Me Healthy

travel gears silicon inflatable water bottleThis is one of the items I always pack to keep me hydrated. I love that it’s inflatable after use so it’s easy to store in a bag. It doesn’t take much space and it is safe for hot water as well.  Read about how to stay healthy in travels.


Bamboo Charcoal Powder
Betcha didn’t know! I learn this from other travelers as well as from my research. The activated charcoal powder can soothe stomach ache, indigestion, travel gears silicon inflatable water bottleand certain types of poisoning. I also use it to brush my teeth sometimes for whitening or make a mask when my acne comes back. This product is quite useful for travel and does not take much space when stored in a small pouch. Read about how to stay healthy in travels.


Opportunitea Cleartea

I switched from coffee to herbal tea because I notice the calcium level in my body has decreased due to heavy coffee consumption back in the office days. Cleartea is made of natural herbs and does not contain any caffeine. travel gears silicon inflatable water bottleI get energy from the drink and won’t feel any crash afterward.



Bago Travel Bags
I am very pleased to upgrade noisy space bag to sleek travel packing cubes. With these packing cubes, I was able to organize my fabric items in my luggage and retrieve it without disturbing anyone.



My previous sleeping mask was a regular soft fabric one that stretches in the back. I like this one better because it blocks lights well and it does not compress or burdens the skin around my eye (fewer wrinkles). The velcro straps are better because elastic ones lose elasticity after a while.


travel gears silicon inflatable water bottleI dislike sleeping with wobble neck so I’ve invested in a memory foam pillow. I like the fact that this neck pillow’s cover can be removed for cleaning, the memory foam is nice to sleep on, and I can squeeze it in the bag that comes with it to travel.

A safety & security precaution tool to give me peace of mind for my credit cards and passport. This leather passport holder is made of unique metal composites to prevent criminals scanning your credit card or passport in public places. The leather is high quality and it’s stylish for travel. Read about my tips on travel safety and precautions.



This handy pouch has 2 side pockets and one large compartment that allows me to fit all of my toiletry products and keep me organized. The interior has some zipped compartments along with more pockets to sort products, it’s great for organization and travel. I like to use it because the size is perfect for everything I need.

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