Recollection, Reflection, and Travels of 2016

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It’s almost 3 months now living in Chiang Mai, from dissatisfied to now loving it, I actually did my first visa run at Vientiane to extended my stay. Now I can officially say I did the visa run.

Being in Chiang Mai, I’m surrounded by a plethora of location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads who all have different projects and business ideas.

There are events almost every day of the week on all the things I love.

Personal development, brain enhancement therapy, self-reflection meet up, hiking, brand building, core values, creative workshop, and so much more.

I seriously never been so extroverted in my life. Although I can get a bit drained from all the social events, I absolutely love this community!

No one cares about your skin color, race, gender, where you from, religion, and all the labels that block us from knowing who we really are, what we love, and we are capable of.

We just want to make cool stuff and make the most out of our life.

Have you found your tribe? Have you found the people who can help you grow, make you think, and inspire you to advance yourself?

If not, I highly you keep on searching. You are the average of the people you surround yourself with, choose wisely.

Life is short, please spend your time wisely on doing things you love, people you love, and places you resonate.

With all that. Many things happened in my 2016.

Last night I did a workshop called “End of year review + visioning 2017” where we wrote down what happened & what we’ve learned in 2016. As we share our moments and learning (I had to look at my pictures to remind me which country I’ve stayed in January…), we also wrote down our 2017 in the present tense.

If you’ve never done this type of exercise before, I highly recommend you try it out.

Ask yourself questions like these:
1. What were you most grateful or in 2016?
2. What did you discover about yourself in 2016?
3. What did you embrace in 2016?
4. What did you let go of in 2016?
5. What conclusions did you reach in 2016?
and deeper questions that make you think about the lessons you’ve learned.

Many people just live their life without reflecting on what has happened to learn from the lesson. And we all know life will keep giving us the same lessons until it is learned.

As you learn from the experience, you’ll want to apply the knowledge and shift your mindset to envision your future. What do you want from your life? What kind of person do you want to become? And really visualize that goal in your head.

Write it all down in details will help you turn your vision into reality.

From ordinary 9-5 white collar struggling in the rat race, I step out of my comfort zone to make my fashion designer dream into reality. I presented at New York Nolcha Fashion Week, learned some important lessons, moved on to travel around the globe as a digital nomad, and now, actively shifting mindset to create a business around my core value.

It took me literally around the globe to understand myself a bit more and what I want in life. Everything I’ve asked for has happened…which made me more cautious when making my wish:)

2016 has been a powerful year for me. Not only I’ve reached valuable epiphanies, I understood myself more.


At the beginning of the year, I lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, mainly focused on finalizing and publishing my Solo Travel for Women book.

I also took a short trip to Tokyo to help my sister exhibit in Comitia.

While living in Kaohsiung, I get to see some cool nature terrain I’ve never seen before and took a jolly train ride to Taitung for the first time.

I stayed at some really nice resort surrounded by nature, tried some authentic traditional Taiwanese food, and experienced Chinese New Year with a distant family, who generously stuffed my face with many delicious food.

And certainly, I spend my health credits wisely to keep fit from all those eating events.


After I published my book in March, I moved to Japan because I want to see cherry blossoms. It has always been my dream so I went.

I visited my Japanese family in Osaka and spend a lot of quality time with my Japanese Okasan and Otousan. I cooked breakfast for them every morning, browsed around Osaka, ate some insanely delicious sushi, visited Kyoto, and picnicked under the sakura tree.

Tagging along with my Japanese okasan, I tried Aikido and iaido practice for the first time. It was so much fun:D
Recollection, Reflection, and Travels of 2016 Japan

Moving from Osaka to Tokyo, I had the most extraordinary Airbnb experience in April.

I visited Ashikaga Flower Park and Hitachi Park with my Airbnb host, and did a bunch of touristy stuff with my mum & sis. We enjoyed a lot of delicious Japanese food and I strolled around Ueno & Asakusa in a beautiful kimono.


Early summer I went back home to visit my family in Florida and helped my sister exhibit in Megacon. I start to write my second book and I traveled with my Taiwanese friend in Orlando, Titusville, Bahamas, and Miami.

From there I flew from Orlando to Los Angeles, visited friends, did some wine tasting at Solvang, had one of the best falafel in LA (Thanks to Jen), and did a family trip to Grand Canyon & Las Vegas. I didn’t write much during this period because too many things happened I couldn’t keep up with life.

45 days, 6+ cities.


After America, I flew to Warsaw, Poland and lived there till the end of September. (Finally staying put for a while)

It was my first time in Poland so I got really excited living in the new city, meeting people, experience Polish culture, enjoy sunset aviation ride, venture out some really delicious local eateries, taste some exquisit Polish cuisines, horseback riding for the first time, and shop like a local in their charming farmer’s market.

During my stay in Warsaw, I freelanced, wrote & published Airbnb Hosting Success book and recorded my Airbnb course. It was a quiet launch…I learned that I don’t resonate or feel passionate about it so I didn’t do much on marketing.

Balancing life and work, I tried flotation tank for the first time and often relaxed in Lazienki Park for some live Chopin music concert.


Holy smokes I had so much trouble getting to and settling into Chiang Mai, on top of that, His Majesty passed away.

Not exactly an exciting start but life goes on.

I got a bit stressed & depressed in October. As in life, there’s always ups and downs, and it’s just one of those moments.

Dealing with those moments in life, I got out in nature to hike, ate tons of coconuts, watched a ton of Louis CK, and that worked. I got out of my depression. And everything is hilarious again nowadays:D

Being more actively involved with local events, I shared my semi-funny story in front of a room full of people in the Holiday Comedy Story Share Event for the first time in my life. It was nerve wracking experience but what the hell. I’m proud I did it at the spot. At least I got an avocado smoothie for free from sharing my story:)

Then I tried Sala dance for the first time and manage not to step on anyone’s feet. So proud of myself.
Recollection, Reflection, and Travels of 2016 Chiang Mai Thailand

I get to see Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Elephant parade and tried out a bunch of healthy delicious local eateries.
I did my first visa run to Vientiane and made it back successfully.
Recollection, Reflection, and Travels of 2016 Thailand Laos

I made a style guidebook for a friend and now working on my new project.
Recollection, Reflection, and Travels of 2016 work

It was a heck of a year full of travel and new friends as I envision it to be.
Thank you 2016 for all the important lessons. Now I’m ready for more fun in 2017.

Now, what about you? What’s your 2016 like?

Did you enjoy it? Was it exciting? What did you learn? What did not work? What do you want to improve?

I hope you’ve learned some valuable lessons and may your 2017 be a blast!

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