Easy Steps To Start Your Own Blog Today

To create a freedom lifestyle, it means to invest in things that will give you freedom.

With the world moving so rapidly and quickly within this digital age, we can use the tools and technology to build ourselves a location independent lifestyle where we can live anywhere and make living online.

One of the very basic skills to move forward is to create your own business online, starting with a blog or a website.

For someone who never create a website before, it may be overwhelming and intimidating to start from scratch.
You may ask:
I’m not good with computers, how do I even start?
How do I begin if I don’t know how to code/CSS/programming/web design?
I don’t have much money, how can I create a website on a budget?
There is so much to know to create a website, I’m overwhelmed!!!

Before you feel defeated and cease the idea, let me tell you:
Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

I’ll break the process to very simple easy steps so you can start your own blog in no time.

How to Start Your Own Blog

Define purpose

Defining purpose is one of the most important things to create your own website.
The more you know what you want to do, the more you can create contents around your purpose and create value for the readers.

Ask yourself, what kind of topics do you want to talk about?
Do you want to write about your lifestyle?
Do you want to share your cooking recipe?
Do you want to praise your love for your furry friends?
Do you want to share your travel stories?
Do you want to connect with other similar minded people through your blog?

The more you know what you want to do with your website, the more you are able to create followers.
If you don’t know what you want from your website, you can start a blog and discover yourself as you write.
The point is to start and don’t procrastinate.

Buy a Domain

After you know the purpose for your site, it’s now to buy a domain.
Best advice for buying a domain is to keep it simple as possible. Know that the longer the URL, the harder it is to remember.
So it’s best to pick words so people can find your blog easily.

To buy a domain, simply go to Name Cheap to get one.
Name Cheap is my most recommend place to get your domain because they are simple, easy, and affordable.

Host Your Domain

Instead of your-domain-name.wordpress.com or your-domain-name.blogger.com., it’s best that you host your own domain with a hosting company.
It makes you look more professional and it will be easier to remember your site.
There are numerous hosting companies, and the one I’m using is Bluehost and I’m happy with their service.

Bluehost runs promotions from time to time and the price is very affordable.
Their control panel is well designed and easy to navigate with different buttons to manage your account.
They also provide in-house service that can help you build the blog, resolve any issues, or help you manage your blog.

So, to recap, the steps so far:
Define blog purpose > Think of a domain name > Buy Domain on Name Cheap > host your domain on Blue Host.

Install WordPress

Once you host your domain from Name Cheap on to Blue Host, you are ready to create your website.

For those who don’t know how to code, CSS, Python, or have any web design knowledge or experience, you can simply use WordPress to help you build your blog. What’s great about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and understand. WordPress is very flexible to modify the website to the way you want it and it’s the most commonly used platforms in the industry.

Install Plugins

Once you have WordPress installed, you can start to build your site!
As of now, it is a blank state and you can do anything.
I recommend installing important plugins to manage your site.

A plugin is different installation tools that are created by developers to help you manage your website easier.
Top 5 most useful plugins I recommend for any WordPress user is:
1. Wordfence – Protects your website with firewall to fend off possible hackers, virus, and malware
2. AddToAny Share Buttons – Allows readers to share your contents on social medias
3. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall (Another plugin to help protect your website
4. W3 Total Cache – A plugin to help your reader have better reading experience on your website by improving download time
5. Yoast SEO – Help you produce better contents with Search Engine Optimization to allow your website be more discoverable

Pick A Theme

This is your creative space now, you can do practically anything.
Pick a theme that you like to for your blog layout.
It’s best to pick a theme that best reflects your content and your character.
As long the contents are easy to navigate, you can pick almost any theme you like.
When you search for a theme, look for a responsive theme, this means, the theme can adapt to any electronic device screen size like mobile, tablet, laptop or computer. This way, no matter what device you use, your website layout is easy to navigate and easy to read.

Write Your First Post!

Now that you’ve installed plugins and theme, you are ready to start your own blog and begin writing.
Most people write an “About” page to tell the readers what this website is about.

Be fun, be creative, and express yourself.

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