Escaping Chiang Mai Burning Season to Krabi

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It's official, I'm gonna be a beach bum for a while.

Moving from Chiang Mai to Krabi, I'm already missing some people back in Chiang Mai and my awesome apartment...

I really miss my apartment in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai to Krabi my apartment

I didn't even know what Chiang Mai burning season is until I got here.

I can't see the mountains from my apartment anymore...
Chiang Mai burning season mountain

If it wasn't for the air pollution, I'd probably stay a lot longer in Chiang Mai and focus on work.

Some of my friends stayed while much more nomads left the town.

I got a really bad sinus congestion and throat inflammation last week or so and has been sick ever since I got back from my second Vientiane visa run. I'd say the cause is very likely from the smoke pollution.

That's me for the past 2 weeks in Chiang Mai.

No, no, I'm not suspicious at all.
Chiang Mai to Krabi burning season

And it's only beginning of the burning, imagine if it's in mid-March...nothing would be pretty, so that's why I left. I just had to move to a place where I don't have to wear a mask and can breathe normally. (Can you believe breathing normally is a luxurious thing in some countries? I'm looking at you, China.)

Anyways, it's a bliss to be able to be location independent. Despite some locals call us a spoiled brat or a wimp for not withstand to the pollution.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and responsible for their own life.

Mix Feelings

As I settle in my new location, I'm not sure what I'm feeling. What am I feeling?

Like many experiences in the past. The logic kicks in, where's the food/water/accommodation? Okay, start working.

No matter which country I go, that's my the protocol.

But I have an uneasy feeling...a borderline uneasy to almost anxiety.

My friend said, "It's interesting you keep on traveling despite feeling a bit anxious."

The way I look at it is that I need to stretch my comfort zone and boundaries. If I stay put in my comfortable bubble, I won't grow and expand my horizon.

Remembering as a child, my family moved around a lot. I'm used to the 'unsettled' feeling growing up. So maybe that's why I can embrace this nonconformity lifestyle.

Life is too short to stay put. I don't want to settle for mediocre.

That can be a good or bad thing.

On the plus side, I gain experiences and can adapt to a new environment so long I have things I need.

On the downside, connection & relationship is like, out the door. Mostly because no one gets what I'm doing and can't relate.

What I learn about myself is to focus on learning and creating. I've never felt connected or belonged anywhere anyways. Getting too involved with people isn't necessary a good thing.

Too much interaction could lead to drama and drama gets in the way of productivity.

I learn to become mentally tough to let go a lot of people who I don't connect with, and I'm sure those people don't find me worthy of connecting as well.

Making friends is so much harder as adults. Wouldn't you say?

An important lesson I've learned is that, so long as you live, there will be soooooo many people who try to put you in their imaginary box of standards of how and what you should be.

If you don't like it, it is up to you to listen or not, and you don't have to. Everyone is trying to figure out their sh*t.

There's no right or wrong, you'll just have to find your meaning, purpose, & happiness, and stand firmly to what you believe.

Relationship & Connections

You'd think finding your group of nomads will give you happiness life or whatnot.

The truth is, finding the community similar to you does not mean you can be best friends with everyone, especially the short-term traveling crowd who is trying to make living online.

There are so much going on in the groups I get overwhelmed, so I cut off social activities in early January when I moved into the new apartment.

I was so burnt out from all the social events end of last year it's such a bliss to be able to be by myself again to process what has happened.

When I need human interactions, I buzz a few close local friends or Skype call oversea friends.

Interesting part is, you start to see who can be in your inner circle and who you'd just want to be acquaintances.

Like that Life Mountain from Wait But Why.

Funny thing is that my Australian friends told me: "Americans tends to say great things but more on a surface level. They'd say 'You're awesome!' or 'You're great!' and become best friends in like, just a few meets.

And then if things happen or they find another more interesting person, they'd move on in a heartbeat.

It's so interesting to hear that because I have no idea that's how it was perceived. Relationship and trust takes time to build, one-night stand type of connection just doesn't work, we all learn that, right?

More so, do people really know how to form good, healthy relationship?

It took me a while to learn and I'm still learning. Have you learned your lesson?

When it comes to building a relationship with another person, I like to ask questions and learn more about their thoughts, ideas, and personality. That's my approach to show interest and hoping to build connections.

But of course, not everyone wants to be my friend.

People care less than we think.

It's okay.

Life Goes On

So anyways, life goes on.
Chiang Mai burning season to Krabi

Now settling in Krabi, I'll be focusing on creating video contents for my course and moving forward with my project.

Hope you are doing well no matter where you are!

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