Hi, I'm Vivien.
I'm the creator of Freedom In Style.

I often share my ideas & stories on my blog and on my YouTube Channel.

I enjoy traveling and working on my own, so I wrote Solo Travel for Women to share my tool, tips, along with personal story on how I started this whole travel lifestyle.
Solo travel for women 3D book

Throughout my travels, I love living in different Airbnb so I thought, hey, why not help my parents rent out their empty rooms to earn some money?

From that, I wrote a guidebook called Airbnb Hosting Success to share my Airbnb experience with people who want to earn money with their extra space.
Airbnb Hosting Success 3D cover

Kaohsiung Taiwan is one of my favorite travel destinations because it has a lot of nature, great foods, friendly people, and affordable accommodations for you to travel + enjoy.

Wanting to share my wonderful experience of living in Kaohsiung, I wrote a book called Local's Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan to share my experience and personal recommendations that gives you the best highlights of Kaohsiung.
Locals Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan 3D book

Here's some interesting stuff about me:

Craziest experience: skydived at Titusville Florida
Coolest experience: presented at New York Nolcha Fashion Week
Favorite pastime: cat-sitting + sleep + eat
Favorite sports: yoga + swimming
Favorite books: detective novels + manga
Favorite food: Teishoku
Favorite country: Japan
Favorite podcast: Planet Money, Freakonomics, The Moth Podcast

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