Your life is shaped by the style choices you make. Choose your apparels wisely. —Ms. Vivien

About Vivien Chen

Transformation Through Style

Have you ever feel you are never good enough and you don’t know what you want in life? You’ve been told you’re no good and all you deserve is to just conform to people & things around you?

Hi, I’m Vivien.
I am a digital stylist who is passionate about living freedom life, in style.

I used to work in a 9-5 job I hate, always choose the ‘safe path’, always tries to please others, and never seek within my potentials.

Coming from a strict Asian family with high demands, I grew up with “I’m not good enough” mentality and lived with extremely low self-esteem.

I suffered from deep depression in the past because I let my low self-esteem crippled all other aspects of my life.

I got sick and tired of letting other people & circumstances control me, so I took action to change myself, starting with my style.

From there, I created an image of who I want to be, work myself towards it, and established my own fashion brand.

I presented in various fashion shows in Florida & New York and collected incredible life experiences. By transforming my style & myself, I began to choose things outside of my comfort zone and take on bigger challenges.

nomad Vivien fashion designer
(Presenting at Manhatten, New York)

Your Style, Your Life

Are you happy with your life or do you want more?

Your life is shaped by your choices and the apparels you choose, what kind of life do you want to live?

nomad vivien krabi chicken island(At Krabi Chicken Island)

Seeing how much of an impact I have for myself by just changing my style, I want to share my story with you, my dear readers. I wish you seek the potentials in yourself and live a happier, a more fulfilling life.

I wish you too, can live a Freedom Life, in Style.

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Here’s some interesting stuff about me…

● I lost track of time when I create things. (Easily zoned out)
● If I stay in one place too long I’d get bored. (Can’t sit still)
● My first fashion show was in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Crazy & fun memories)
● My favorite country to travel & get fashion inspirations is Japan. (I LOVE JAPAN)
● I’m a big time yogi and I constantly read about health & beauty. (Self-love is my priority ♥)

Books I wrote:

Solo Travel For Women: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality, Finding Courage Through Solo Travel

Solo travel for women 3D book

Airbnb Hosting Success: How to Become an Airbnb Super Host & Profit from Your Space
Airbnb Hosting Success 3D cover

Local’s Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan
Locals Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan 3D book

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