All of you are in the middle of a life story. And your story is shaped by what you are saying yes and what you are saying no to. ―Sarri Gilman

nomad vivien krabi chicken island(At Krabi Chicken Island)

Living out of a suitcase, have no permanent address, make a living from a laptop.
While all that may sound bizarre to you, this is my lifestyle & my story.

Hi, I’m Vivien.
I am a 79% serial introvert who is often lost in my own thoughts and creativity.

I don’t know much about myself and the world so I started traveling, that was about…4 years ago and I haven’t stopped traveling ever since.

My Past

Coming from a strict Asian family with high expectations, I grew up with demands of “you should do this…” “you can’t do that…” “you need to listen to us” and “you’re not good enough…” to live by. The only thing I can do to have peace in the house is to obey and don’t think.

As an obedient daughter, I followed the normal 9-5 routine office jobs with a steady paycheck, but that soul-sucking lifestyle and stress worsen my depression and I was the worse version of myself.

I hated everything and I became desperate to change my life.

My first step to change was to pursue fashion design, a childhood dream of mine that is strictly forbidden by my parents and made it to New York Nolcha Fashion Week, along with opportunities coming my way.

nomad Vivien fashion designer
(At Manhatten, New York)

Establishing my fashion brand as a designer and presenting in NYC was a huge milestone of my life.

Although the creation part and fashion shows were fun, but deep down, I know there’s more than just creating.

How can I help people with my fashion design skills?

My story continues as I kept on discovering & creating myself.

My Present + Future

The more I travel, the more I discover myself through personal development and shed away the old self.

As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. How many people are wearing apparels that best represent themselves?

From there, I became the digital stylist in helping women finding their unique beauty through styling.

Freedom In Style is where I post my fashion design ideas, travel experience/recommendations, and random stories.

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connect to nature(At Miami beach)

Here’s some interesting stuff about me…

● I lost track of time when I create things (Sucked in ‘the zone’)
● If I stay in one place too long I’d get bored. (Can’t sit still)
● My first fashion show was in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Crazy & fun memories)
● My favorite country to travel & get fashion inspirations is Japan. (I LOVE JAPAN)
● I am usually the model, photographer, stylist, and MUA in most of the fashion shoots. (I have many different faces)

How Do I Afford to Travel?

Stuff I wrote:

Solo Travel For Women: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality, Finding Courage Through Solo Travel

Solo travel for women 3D book

Airbnb Hosting Success: How to Become an Airbnb Super Host & Profit from Your Space
Airbnb Hosting Success 3D cover

Local’s Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan
Locals Guide to Kaohsiung Taiwan 3D book

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